This is how an Irish passport ranks compared to other powerful passports of the world 6 years ago

This is how an Irish passport ranks compared to other powerful passports of the world

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It's no secret that Irish passports have been in high demand this year, as applications for the desirable document massively increased following the result of Brexit in June 2016.


But just how good is an Irish passport really?

"It's f*ckin' claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, man," we patriotically hear you say.

Seriously though, how does it compare to the other passports of the world?

Thanks to the Passport Index, you can actually measure up the different global passports to see how they fare against one another in real time.


Visitors to the site can explore the world of passports, examine their designs, sort them by country, region and even by colour. For the first time ever, visitors can compare passports side by side.

Although it's as high as 6th place in the Global Passport Power Rank, the passport for the Republic Of Ireland actually comes in as the 21st best in the Individual Passport Power Rank -  a ranking system based on the country and their visa characteristics.

Here are the Top 25 passports in the world, along with their Visa Free Score - a score achieved when passports accumulate points for each country that their holders can visit without a visa, or they can obtain a visa on arrival.

Spare a thought for the Afghans, who have the lowest Visa Free Score of just 24, placing them in bottom in the 199th position.


25. Australia - 152

24. Greece - 152

23. New Zealand - 153

22. Canada - 153


21. Ireland - 153

20. Portugal - 154

19. Luxembourg - 154

18. Austria - 154

17. United States Of America - 155


16. Japan - 155

15. Norway - 155

14. Malaysia - 155

13. Belgium - 155

12. Netherlands - 155

11. Italy - 155

10. Denmark - 155

9. Singapore - 155

8. United Kingdom - 156

7. South Korea - 156

6. Spain - 156

5. Switzerland - 156

4. France - 156

3. Finland - 156

2.  Sweden - 157

1. Germany - 158

You can find loads more interesting info on the world's passports by clicking here to head over to the Passport Index.

Thankfully, they don't have access to that passport picture of you when you were 14 years old and had the really weird puffy lips and the haircut like Lloyd Christmas in Dumb And Dumber.

That was not a good look for you.