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04th Mar 2022

Irish people accused of taking sides “without any analysis” by Russian ambassador

Stephen Porzio

He also said that Ireland is at the forefront of “anti-Russian events” in the EU.

Russian Ambassador to Ireland Yury Filatov has accused Irish people of taking sides “without any analysis” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Filatov made the comments during an interview with the state-owned Russia 24 television station after being asked if there was a threat to Russian citizens located in Ireland.

“The situation is frankly difficult,” he said.

“Naturally, the general political situation is simply hostile towards Russia and everything Russian.”

Filatov accused the media of showing an “absolutely tendentious picture” of the Ukraine invasion, before adding that Ireland was at the forefront in the European Union with regards to anti-Russian events.

He stated that there have been “constant threats” against employees at the Russian Embassy in Ireland and described protests held there in recent days against the invasion of Ukraine as “quite often very rough and violent”.

Filatov cited an incident in which the entrance to the embassy was doused in red paint amid the demonstrations.

Filatov also claimed that Russian citizens in Ireland have been receiving threats and that there have been cases of bullying.

“In my opinion, the Irish are kind and responsive but sometimes when they absolutely don’t understand the situation, they take sides without any analysis and they act based on it.

“This is influencing our kids unfortunately who are studying here.”

The interview comes days after Filatov attempted to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a tense interview on RTÉ’s Six One News with presenter David McCullagh

It concluded with McCullagh raising calls by various Irish politicians to have the Ambassador expelled.

“Why should our Government entertain your presence here when you’re acting as an apologist for slaughter?” he asked.

“It’s a good question. You might ask that to your Government,” he replied.

“It’s up to them. I can leave anytime.”

The interview went global, even grabbing the attention of HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

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