Irish people urged to take shorter showers due to water shortages 5 years ago

Irish people urged to take shorter showers due to water shortages

Know anyone who takes ages in the shower?

The sun is out and almost everyone is happy as a result.


Some people have reacted in typical Irish fashion, with some even going as far as to hope that it rains again soon...

And maybe they're right.

Because the environmental organisation Global Action Plan Ireland is appealing to the Irish public to cut their showers short, due to water shortages following the recent heatwave.

People are being encouraged to take no more than four minutes in the shower.


On average, a 10-minute power shower uses 250 litres of water. By reducing to a four minute shower, you can save roughly 150 litres of water.

The charity is even going as far as to offer free shower timers to the Irish public, to encourage sustainable shower behaviour.

According to Vanessa Moore, CEO of Global Action Plan Ireland: "We believe that all of us can choose to make a difference to our environment and our pockets with small, realistic changes to behaviour. People are leading busy lives so our organisation offers practical solutions that can be easily done without too much time and effort."

To win a free shower timer, just log on to the Global Action Plan Ireland Facebook page here, or visit @gapireland on Instagram.


Winners will be selected at random and are subject to limited availability.