Ireland's top searches on Pornhub have been revealed, county by county 10 months ago

Ireland's top searches on Pornhub have been revealed, county by county

The information is quite revealing as you would expect.

Popular pornography website Pornhub has shed light on the top searches and categories preferred by its Irish visitors and the results are interesting, to say the least.


According to the site, the most popular search term in Ireland was "Irish", a common trend among the countries Pornhub has studied, while the next most popular were “milf”, “lesbian”, “threesome” and “JOI”.

To see how its Irish visitors differ from those in the rest of the world, Pornhub's statisticians also looked at the "top relative categories".

These are types of videos that are proportionately viewed more in Ireland when compared to their average popularity worldwide.

Irish Pornhub Searches


It found that the “British” category is +265% more popular in Ireland, with porn tagged “Mature” or "Blonde" being viewed +72% and +54% more often.

Meanwhile, among Ireland’s non-straight male viewers, the “Daddy” category is +95% more popular, as is the “Twink” category at +74% compared to the world.

Irish Pornhub Searches

Perhaps most interestingly, Pornhub’s statisticians looked at the top relative searches by region.


Again, these aren’t the most searched-for term, but rather the terms that are more likely to be searched in each region when compared to the rest of Ireland.

You can see the county-by-county breakdown of the information below.

  • Carlow – Wedding
  • Cavan – Anime
  • Clare – British Milf
  • Cork – BBW
  • Donegal – Femdom
  • Dublin – Dublin
  • Galway – Redhead
  • Kerry – Ebony
  • Kildare – Cosplay
  • Kilkenny – Hand Job
  • Laois – Anime
  • Leitrim – POV
  • Limerick – Big Tits
  • Longford – Big Ass
  • Louth – ASMR
  • Mayo – Mature
  • Meath – Creampie
  • Monaghan – Blowjob
  • North Tipperary – Chubby
  • Offaly – Transgender
  • Roscommon – Granny
  • Sligo – British
  • South Tipperary – Strap-on
  • Waterford – Pegging
  • Westmeath – Squirt
  • Wexford - Cartoon
  • Wicklow – Japanese

In terms of other details on Irish Pornhub usage, the country ranks 42nd for traffic to the website, which is much higher than its worldwide population rank of 124th.


The average visitor from Ireland also apparently spends 9 minutes and 33 seconds on Pornhub, about 20 seconds less than the worldwide average.

For more information, visit the Insights section of Pornhub's website here.

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