Iarnród Éireann apologises for delays as passengers forced doors open in Bray 1 year ago

Iarnród Éireann apologises for delays as passengers forced doors open in Bray

A number of trains had to be halted due to people walking on the track.

Iarnród Éireann has issued an apology for a number of delays and disruptions due to issues on the tracks on Sunday (24 July).


Passengers forced doors open on a DART service from Connolly to Bray, and walked on the tracks to walk towards the station.

"We apologise to customers who were delayed, disrupted or distressed as they sought to travel to yesterday’s Bray Air Show," Iarnród Éireann said in a statement on Monday (25 July).

"The Air Show is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year on DART, and in planning with organisers, we arranged for additional DARTs to operate. Ultimately, nine extra DARTs operated from the city centre to Bray on Sunday between late morning and early afternoon.

"As the last of these – the 1.45pm Connolly to Bray, approached Bray Station, it stopped outside the station, waiting for a platform to become clear ahead. Unfortunately, doors were forced open on one of the carriages after it had been stopped for 5 minutes 30 seconds, and a number of people descended onto the track to walk towards the station."


Trains in both directions were made to halt in both directions due to the sudden presence of passengers on the track.

"Quite quickly, others – now concerned at the extending delay, and at the very warm conditions – also left the train, and this continued across a number of carriages," Iarnród Éireann continued.

"A second train – the 1.05pm Howth to Greystones – was stopped further back towards Shankill, and after approximately 20 minutes, customers also out of concern for the delay and heat on board began to leave the train.

"While trains were unable to move during this time, staff, Gardaí and Dublin Fire Brigade were at both Bray, and travelled to the second train to assist customers


"What should have been an enjoyable family day out ended for many in delay, upset and distress. We are sorry for this."

Iarnród Éireann has said that it will review all aspects of its operational plan, including information available to customers, and ventilation on board.