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25th May 2018

Irish Times exit poll reveals a potential landslide decision in favour of repealing Eighth Amendment

Rory Cashin

Ireland blasphemy referendum results

The exit poll was run at 160 sites across the country today.

An early exit poll has shown a potential landslide victory for the Yes voters in Ireland today.

According to the Irish Times, their final numbers on the poll come in at 68% Yes, 32% No.

Sampling for the polls took place at 160 locations around all of Ireland starting at 7am on Friday morning, with 4,000 people taking part in the exit poll.

The outlet is claiming that the margin for error for the exit poll is plus or minus 1.5%.

The biggest Yes vote in the poll came in from Dublin, with 77% of voters deciding to back the repeal campaign, while the majority of rural communities have also apparently voted against keeping the Eighth Amendment as it stands, with an average of a 60% Yes vote found across the country outside of Dublin.

Furthermore, the 18-24 age-bracket were hugely in favour of repeal, with the exit poll revealing an 87% Yes vote.

Official counting of the votes will begin at 9am on Saturday morning, with an official result expected sometime that afternoon or evening.

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