Irishman who travelled to South Africa to meet woman "mugged of all his possessions" 5 months ago

Irishman who travelled to South Africa to meet woman "mugged of all his possessions"

He travelled to South Africa in December.

An Irishman who went missing in South Africa after travelling there to meet a woman he met online has been "mugged of all his possessions" according to his family.

Stanley Currie, from Tyrone, is believed to have flown to South Africa on 30 December to meet the woman but his family became worried when they did not hear from him after he left on his one-way flight.

They subsequently launched an appeal online and with the help of South African Community Crime Watch group attempted to find details of Stanley's whereabouts.

According to his family, Stanley was found safe in South Africa, but had been mugged of his belongings as well his passport and money, and required medical attention.

The family have set up a fundraising page to get Stanley home safely and has currently raised £1,302 (€1,442), surpassing the initial target of £1,000.

"Get Stanley Currie home from South Africa after he was mugged of all his belongings, passport and money," they wrote.

"We need to put Stanley up in a hotel until his emergency passport can be got and we can get him home as soon as possible.

"He has been walking the streets of South Africa for a week with no food or water and is currently receiving medical care.

"Please we would really appreciate any help at all. Thank you for all the support so far."

The family has said that any money left over will be donated to the South African Crime Watch group, the volunteer organisation which helped find Stanley.