It's here! JOE would like to welcome, the newest member of the family 8 years ago

It's here! JOE would like to welcome, the newest member of the family

After JOE and Her came the sport-obsessed brother we never knew we had...

SportsJOE is here!


JOE would like to welcome the new SportsJOE team to Maximum Media, as they look to place their own cordon around the coffee machine and bring you the best sports coverage morning, noon, night and morning again.

Sport never sleeps, after all.

Editor Evan Fanning says: "We know that sport matters in your life because it matters to us. We can celebrate great goals, tries and points and moments of amazing individual endeavour but most of all the sports we love are about bringing people together.

"And on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, SportsJOE will create a social media society bringing sports fans together like never before.


"We will have the best video, viral content and insightful stories. We will have star columnists giving unparalleled insight. We will have video diaries, stunning documentaries and the best digital content anywhere in the country.

"In short, we will be the starting point for all your conversations about sport."

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the brand new SportsJOE site right herelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, buy them a pint if you see them, because they're bleedin' deadly.