Joe Brolly predicting one hell of a party if Mayo land Sam 9 years ago

Joe Brolly predicting one hell of a party if Mayo land Sam

He hasn’t always been the most generous man towards the footballers of Mayo, but Joe Brolly has made one prediction that will please the county’s supporters.

Not many counties, or indeed players, escape a tongue lashing from the outspoken RTE pundit, who famously described Colm Cooper as a ‘choker’, but he has had serious issues with Mayo in recent years and in particular their mental fragility.


This season James Horan’s men have begun in a trail-blazing manner, scoring 4-37 in their opening two games in Connacht and many feel after last year’s defeat to Donegal, 2013 could be the year they atone for all the heartbreak at Croke Park.

Brolly hasn’t put his life savings on the Mayo men just yet, but has been impressed by what he has seen, but has predicted this morning that should they bring Sam Maguire to the county for the first time since 1951, then the celebrations could be of epic proportions.

Always entertaining on Twitter after joining a few months ago, he was also claiming to be fearful for Down considering Donegal have decided to fulfill their fixture today in the Ulster championship. When it was put to him he was merely building Jim McGuinness' men up for a fall, his response was typically blunt.


"That's the beauty about not giving a f***," he said.

Never a dull moment.