Men arrested trying to cross New Zealand border with boot full of KFC 1 year ago

Men arrested trying to cross New Zealand border with boot full of KFC

A level four lockdown has meant people in Auckland haven't been able to order takeaway food in a month.

Two men have been arrested after trying to cross the border into Auckland in New Zealand with a boot full of Kentucky Fried Chicken and $100,000 in cash.


Police found the men with a car filled with fast food, cash, and empty ounce bags as they attempted to cross into Auckland in spite of strict Covid-19 lockdown measures preventing anyone from entering the region.

Fast food production has been halted in the area for the last month due to a strict lockdown preventing restaurants from opening in any capacity, including for takeaway services.

The Guardian reported on Tuesday that a police spokesperson said following the arrest that “officers noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle travelling on a gravel road".

The spokesperson added that the car "did a U-turn and sped off" after seeing the police car.


Photographic evidence showed three buckets of chicken, 10 coleslaw tubs and a number of packages of fries.

The men will appear in court soon. A breach of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act in the region can result in six months imprisonment or a fine up to $4,000.

JOE has reached out to police in New Zealand for confirmation.