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31st Aug 2021

Kids pull “Bart Simpson” style prank on school board in brilliant viral clip

Clara Kelly

They used names like Wayne Kerr, Sook Madeck, and Eileen Dover to pull off the rude trick.

Some kids in America have hit headlines this week after pulling a Bart Simpson style prank during a school board meeting in America.

The hilarious clip which first went viral on Twitter and has since been uploaded to YouTube took place at the Henrico School Board meeting.

If you’ve ever tuned in for an episode of The Simpsons (and let’s face it, who hasn’t) chances are you’ve seen the iconic running gag where Bart calls Moe’s Tavern, tricking the fictional bar owner into saying an obscene sentence by asking for a non-existent customer.

Now, it seems some children in Virginia have taken a leaf out of the cartoon prankster’s book as most of the names listed to be called for public comment at Thursday’s meeting weren’t real names.

Some of the people who supposedly signed up to speak included the crudely named Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover and Wayne Kerr – and watching the speaker try to keep his composure while reading the names out loud, is absolutely hilarious.

You can take a look at the video below:

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