Kilkenny named as one of the most haunted places in Europe 11 months ago

Kilkenny named as one of the most haunted places in Europe


Kilkenny has been named as one of the most haunted places in Europe.

The city has been the site of many ghost tours and creepy happenings for many years now, but now it seems as if it's finally getting some official international recognition.

Fair play to all involved.

US magazine Travel + Leisure named Kilkenny as one of their top five haunted places to visit in Europe this week, alongside Poveglia Island in Italy, France's Château de Brissac and The Tower of London.

But hey, Kilkenny is seemingly so haunted that they might as well include the entire location.

Why not?

"If you’re on the hunt for some ghostly figures, you'll want to explore Kilkenny," they said.

"This Irish city has a storied past, filled with tragic events that allegedly left behind spirits that visitors still witness today. Kilkenny, located about 80 miles from Dublin, was the site of Ireland’s first witch trial.

"Another tragedy struck in 1763, when 16 people drowned in the river after a bridge collapsed during a flood. Today, people report seeing creepy figures in the River Nore that rise above the mist in the early morning."

Ireland's medieval capital, Kilkenny's most notable haunted spots include Shankill Castle, Kyleter's Inn, and St Mary's church and graveyard - for obvious reasons.

The city is also home to numerous narrow and dimly lit cobbled streets, so it makes sense that a fair few spooky happenings have occurred there over the years.

So, got any plans for tomorrow, or?