Man arrested for slavery comments, and throwing eggs at King Charles 4 months ago

Man arrested for slavery comments, and throwing eggs at King Charles

People began shouting 'shame on you' at the alleged egg-thrower

A man has been arrested after appearing to throw eggs at King Charles and the Queen Consort in York.


Large crowds had gathered behind barriers, near the Micklegate Bar, ahead of the royals visit, on Wednesday morning.

The King and his wife, Camilla were being welcomed by city leaders when three eggs were thrown in their direction. The man was heard booing and shouting:

"This country was built on the blood of slaves!"


Although one of the eggs did land near the monarch, none of them appeared to directly strike him.

Footage from the scene shows he alleged egg-thrower being tackled to the ground by police and royal security staff.

Cries of "shame on you" at him and "God save the King" then broke out by angry members of the crowd.


King Charles eggs King Charles reacts to one of the eggs landing near him (Getty)

King Charles eggs A man was tackled to the ground and arrested by police (Getty)

Crowds shouted 'shame on you' to protestor

Chris Ship, Royal Editor at ITV, wrote on Twitter: "Man arrested in York after throwing egg at King Charles and Queen Consort.

"Appears he shouted about slavery. Egg landed on ground near the King. Crowds shouted back to the protestor 'shame on you.'"


Charles and Camilla are visiting Yorkshire to carry out a number of engagements today, including unveiling a statue of Queen Elizabeth II, the first to be installed since her death.

As police were detaining the man, Charles continued with a traditional ceremony which sees the sovereign officially welcomed to the city of York by the Lord Mayor, the Metro reports.

It was last carried out by his mother, the Queen, in 2012.

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