Leo Varadkar shares "real fear" of land war between Russia and Ukraine 3 months ago

Leo Varadkar shares "real fear" of land war between Russia and Ukraine

Micheál Martin has advised Irish citizens against non-essential travel to Ukraine.

Leo Varadkar has described the situation between Russia and Ukraine as "very serious", and that there is a "real fear" of war on the European continent depending on the outcome of the situation.


The Tánaiste made the comments on Tuesday morning (25 January) after announcing plans for legislation in regards to working remotely.

"We got a very comprehensive briefing at Cabinet today from Minister Coveney in relation to the situation involving Russia and Ukraine," Varadkar said.

"It is very serious. There is a real fear that we could see a land war on the continent of Europe, which we haven't seen for a very long time, probably going back to the Kosovo or Bosnia conflicts.

"Aside from the humanitarian impact, this could have an impact on us economically as well, and in terms of energy supply.


"We're coordinating our response, of course, with our European partners, and our UN partners," Varadkar added.

Varadkar added that although Russia's planned military exercises 240 kilometres off the south west coast of Ireland were not illegal, they weren't welcome.

"We don't believe they're connected to the events with Russia and Ukraine, but we certainly would prefer that they were not happening, and that message has been shared with the Russian ambassador," Varadkar said.

Irish fishers are planning on peacefully disrupting the the military exercises which are due to take place in the first week of February.


Patrick Murphy of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation said "let me put it to you this way and for everyone else to understand this; can you imagine if the Russians were applying to go onto the mainland of Ireland to go launching rockets, how far would they get with that?

"It's no different to fishermen, this is our ground, this is our farm, this is where we earn our living.

"Why should someone be allowed to come in and do that in our waters, in our territorial waters?"

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has advised that Irish citizens avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine until further notice.


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