Level 5 restrictions to remain in place until 5 April 1 year ago

Level 5 restrictions to remain in place until 5 April

Level 5 restrictions will remain in place until 5 April at the earliest, with a few exceptions.

Micheál Martin has said that Ireland will remain in Level 5 restrictions, with three exceptions.


Schools will reopen from 1 March for Leaving Cert students, and the youngest primary school children.

This will be closely monitored, with fifth years expected to return next in line alongside older primary school students, and the remainder after the Easter break.

Childcare will also reopen from 8 March, while non-Covid healthcare services will also begin to return.

Things may change again from 5 April, he said, stressing that if the country can maintain downward pressure on the virus, the Government will examine whether to ease restrictions on construction and outdoor gatherings.


Speaking on Tuesday evening, An Taoiseach said: "I know that people are physically and emotionally exhausted by this pandemic. We are all completely fed up."

He also referred to the UK variant of Covid as "a new virus, almost", and blamed it for the position we are now in.

He said: "It has changed the dynamic significantly."

Martin said that March must see case numbers decrease, as well as hospitalisations and ICU figures, so that things can reopen and stay open in the near future.


He also said that we are now in a position to "majorly" ramp up the vaccination rollout across the country, saying 1.25 million doses will have been administered by the end of March.

He said that over 40% of people over the 18 will have had their first dose by the end of April, while up to 82% of adults will have had their first dose by the end of June.

The new Living with Covid plan can be read in full here.

It states: "Any further easing of restrictions after 5 April will need a further three to four week period to allow for assessment of the impact of changes."