All Liberty Insurance staff in Ireland will work primarily from home for the future 1 year ago

All Liberty Insurance staff in Ireland will work primarily from home for the future

93% of the insurance company's employees said they did not want to return to the office.

All Liberty Insurance staff based in Ireland will work primarily from home for the future, the company has announced.


The decision has been made as part of the insurance provider's efforts to transform into a fully digital organisation.

Employing over 400 people across its Irish operations in Dublin, Cavan and Fermanagh, the insurer will require all staff - including its senior leadership team - to work primarily remotely going forward.

Employees will have the option of spending up to two days per week in the office once the pandemic is over to carry out specific activities or hold face-to-face meetings.

All remote employees will receive an additional €660 gross annual payment to cover any related remote working expenses.


Juan Miguel Estallo, CEO of Liberty’s European retail operations, said in a statement: "This decision supports our core values as an organisation, as well as our employees' work-life balance.

"It is also a further step towards the cloud business model that we launched and started to build towards before the pandemic, and which will culminate in 2024."

He added: "Equally, this is a response to what our employees are asking for. Through surveys to measure their experience, Liberty employees have told us that 93% of the workforce does not want to return to the pre-pandemic in-office working model.

"Therefore, we want to put people first, be more efficient and respond to the expectations of flexibility required by the best talent in the market, so that those who work at Liberty can live where they prefer."


Liberty Insurance provides car and home insurance to the Irish consumer market.

It is one of the first corporations in the insurance market to commit to remote working as their official model.