800 employees to get pay rise as Lidl Ireland commits to matching latest living wage 1 year ago

800 employees to get pay rise as Lidl Ireland commits to matching latest living wage

15% of all Lidl Ireland employees will receive a salary boost as a result.

800 Lidl Ireland employees will benefit from a pay increase following a commitment by Lidl Ireland to match the latest living wage of €12.30 per hour in Ireland.


The living wage for the Republic of Ireland was updated from €11.90 in 2018 to the 2019 figure of €12.30 earlier this year, an increase the Living Wage Technical Group says was driven by changes in the cost of living and changes in the taxation system, primarily the current housing crisis and associated increases in rent levels.

The pay increase will benefit 800 of Lidl’s 4,300-strong workforce working in 162 stores in the Republic of Ireland; all other employees currently earn in excess of the new living wage.

A similar commitment was announced on Monday to employees in Lidl Northern Ireland using the UK Living Wage Foundation’s recommended rate of £9.30 per hour.

Lidl’s commitment to matching the living wage is one of a number of employee benefits, which also include:

  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Guaranteed minimum of 30-hour contracts
  • A free, confidential counselling service is offered by Lidl to employees through Laya Healthcare’s Employee Assistance Programme
  • Paid Volunteering
  • Comprehensive Training Programmes
  • Pension contributions after one year with the company
  • Paid health insurance for salaried employees.

Announcing Lidl’s commitment to pay the latest living wage, Maeve Mc Cleane, HR Director, Lidl Ireland said: “We are delighted to be the first major nationwide food retailer to commit to the latest living wage in Ireland. Already, 85% of our team earn in excess of the living wage, however it is important for us to ensure that those whose hourly pay is below €12.30 benefit from an increase. This would bring them to a level that is more reflective of enjoying a better standard of living.

“At Lidl we are in a fortunate position that the last few years have seen our business go from strength to strength - our people are undoubtably central to this success. By continually investing in our team, we continue to retain and attract the best employees and, in turn, continue to serve our 1.5 million plus weekly customers the highest quality products cheaper than any of our competitors.”


The Republic of Ireland Living Wage was established in 2014 and is part of a growing international set of similar figures which reflect a belief across societies that individuals working full-time should be able to earn enough to enjoy a decent standard of living.

The living wage calculation is evidence based and built on budget standards research. The new hourly figure:

  • establishes the average gross salary which will enable full time (39hrs per week) employed adults (without dependents) across Ireland to afford a socially acceptable standard of living;
  • is a living wage which provides for needs not wants;
  • is unlike the National Minimum Wage which is not based on the cost of living.

More information on the living wage is available here.