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30th Nov 2021

Angry Liveline listener claims seasonal crisps advert has ruined his Christmas

Dave Hanratty

Liveline caller angry Happy Crispmas

Yes, it’s the War on Crispmas…

Tuesday afternoon brought a typically spirited debate on the national institution that is RTÉ Radio 1’s Liveline broadcast.

The latest subject of impassioned argument fodder, you ask?

Why, it’s the end of November so it’s Christmas, obviously.

More specifically, it’s about the branding of Christmas and the various different ways in which people should – and should not, apparently – refer to the festive season.

One such upset individual goes by the name of Seán, who was in conversation on Tuesday’s edition of Liveline.

According to Sean, the use of the phrase ‘Happy Crispmas’ is taking tradition way too far out of context and simply shouldn’t be allowed.

“They replaced the word ‘Christ’ with ‘crisp’,” explained Seán, referring to the seasonal campaign from crisp manufacturer Keogh’s.

“They’re wishing people a ‘Happy Crispmas’, which I find a bridge too far,” he added.

If airing his salty grievance on national radio wasn’t enough, Seán has lodged a formal complaint to Keogh’s over their contentious branding.

Other callers on Tuesday’s episode voiced their various Christmas marketing troubles, including x-rated cards deemed too inappropriate to send to the local bishop.

One woman named Ruth said that the phrase ‘naughty or nice’ on a postage stamp “implies sex” and thus isn’t fit for purpose.

Imagine trying to explain Liveline to anyone not from Ireland. What a show.

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