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14th Sep 2021

Liveline listeners shocked as woman tells of youths harming dog in Dublin

Clara Kelly

Kilkenny assault teenage girl investigation

Gardaí received a report of youths causing harm to a dog at Park West train Station on Friday evening.

Liveline listeners were left shocked on Tuesday as a woman told of seeing a group of youths harming a dog in Park West, Dublin.

The woman, who went by the name of Dee, told Liveline she had been stunned after witnessing a group of youths using what “appeared to be a spade” to inflict serious injuries on a small dog on Friday evening (10 September).

“I’m still quite distressed, since last Friday I’m still struggling to talk about it,” she said.

“I could see something going on in the field, it was a gang of boys, or men – I could see one of them with a spade in his hand, I suspected something sinister was going on.

Dee added that after going back to take a closer look, a woman in the area had told her that “they were throwing a little brown dog” and hitting the puppy with “two spades”.

“I travel through Park West and see all sorts going on with animals every day,” she added.

Liveline listeners took to Twitter to express concerns over what they claim is ongoing animal abuse in the area with some people saying “there is not one day” where they have not witnessed an animal “being treated unfairly”.

Gardaí told JOE that they received a report of “youths causing harm to a dog at Park West train Station” shortly before 6pm on Friday.

On arrival of the Gardaí, the youths dispersed and there was no sign of a dog or of evidence of harm to any animal at the location.