Longford GP office vandalised with graphic anti-abortion graffiti 3 years ago

Longford GP office vandalised with graphic anti-abortion graffiti

Some of the messages were very disturbing.

The Longford Medical Centre at Leader House in Longford Town has been targeted with anti-abortion graffiti.


Photos from the scene, featured in the Longford Leader, show the front of the building covered in spray paint. The graffiti tags include messages such as "Pro-Choicer ageist Nazis were racist" and "We are being governed by criminals".

Other messages read "Abortion women die young" and "Media hided truth". Another read "Murder unborn Longford children €450/kill."

A statement from the Gardaí reports that no complaint has yet been made about the graffiti: "Gardaí have not received a complaint regarding an incident overnight at a premises at Deanscurragh, Co. Longford."

The Longford Medical Centre is currently closed.


The graffiti follows an incident last year where Sligo-Leitrim TD Tony McLoughlin's constituency office was defaced in a similar fashion.

Images from that scene showed the front of the office had been defaced with phrases like "Fine Gael Baby Killers," "Herods," and "Skum."