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03rd Apr 2014

Man attaches dick pic to his job application and there was no happy ending

You'd have to say that he took a ballsy approach to job hunting


You’d have to say that he took a ballsy approach to job hunting

When you’ve been job hunting for a while, it can become a really tough slog to find new ways to get your CV noticed. However, one job hunter in Texas decided to get a little bit too creative and went all out, literally, with a job application.

Last Friday, Texas Workforce Solutions in Dallas received an application from a man who attached a photo of his penis along with his resume.

There’s no word yet on whether or not it was done by mistake, but according to The Huffington Post, he was charged with “obscene display or distribution” either way, after the employee who received it contacted the police.

While Texas Workforce Solutions do promise to provide “tips and tools to build a stronger Texas workforce”, they possibly mean that in a more figurative way than the applicant inferred when sending in their application.

However, he might have been applying for a very different type of job where you would need to attach such a picture, but we needn’t detail that all here.

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