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Now, we know that an insult is to call someone the village bicycle, but we don't think they meant this

A man in Sweden is wanted by police after was caught on CCTV pleasuring himself with a bicycle.

The cops in Osterlund are on the lookout for the man and are hoping to put the brakes on his sexual activity.

Bike shagger

He was caught puncturing the tyre of the bike before proceeding to have an aul pedal and crank (as they say) while it deflated.

A similar string of crimes occurred in the city in 2007, and police are currently seeing if the two are part of the same chain of events.

Bike shagger 2


According to, the bike's owner, Per Edstrom is not too annoyed, adding, “I am not scared of him, just irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix.This man is probably completely harmless - bicycles are just his thing”. You might even say he was bike-sexual.

Still, we'd be worried about his frame of mind, but we're hoping the police catch him before this gets wheely bad.

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