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28th Jan 2014

Man fights off shark attack with a knife, sews himself up and goes for a pint

Hats off to Kiwi doctor James Grant, he's a serious contender for man of the week.


Hats off to Kiwi doctor James Grant, he’s a serious contender for man of the week.

We’re not sure how we would react to a shark, even a relatively small one, taking a bite of our leg but we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be as cool as this fella. On Saturday, James Grant was spear fishing with his mates in a place called Colac Bay in New Zealand when he felt something ‘latched onto his leg’ according to the BBC.

James looked down to see a sevengill shark (main pic) chewing down on his leg. James used a knife to stab the animal until it released its grip and he swam back to shore.

“I had just gotten into the water, killed a fish and something latched onto my leg,” James told the BBC.

“I thought it might have been one of my diving buddies, turned around… big shark had latched on. What I did was I just put a couple of little stitches in to take it back together,” he said.

With that important business out of the way he went to hospital to get himself properly stuck back together but not before he went for a pint at the local pub, the Colac Bay Tavern, with his friends. Luckily the injury wasn’t serious, with his wet suit taking the brunt of the bite.

In fact, the wound minor enough that he reckons he won’t even have a scar, which denies him the chance to roll up his trousers for the next few years and regale folks with his story.

Pic credit: Wikipedia

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