Man has first drink in eight months, ends up punching a tree in half 4 years ago

Man has first drink in eight months, ends up punching a tree in half

Wood you believe it?

Given the fact that we're in a celebratory season and you'll more than likely meeting up with a few mates, it's always a good idea to exercise caution and good judgement when it comes to drinking.


This being said, some people just have a tendency to overdo things a little and by a little, we mean beating the bark off some tree.

Yes, you wood not believe it.

The Chronicle are reporting that a man's first pint in eight months ended with him punching a tree in half. They also state that this man was so intoxicated that he couldn't even remember doing it.

The 22-year-old man from Newcastle had to be restrained by bouncers at The Dog and Parrot pub and he then took his frustrations out on a nearby tree.


The prosecutor said that this gentleman had decided to punch the ornamental tree and in doing so, he snapped it in half.

A skirmish soon developed before police arrived to calm the situation. The gentleman pleaded guilty to criminal damage on Tuesday and his defense said that that he had drank too much after being away working for the last eight months.

Magistrates ordered him to pay for the £130 tree.

We're curious if those in attendance called the special 'branch' of the police? We're very sorry for that sappy joke.