Mandatory drug testing of Gardaí to be introduced under new anti-corruption policies 3 weeks ago

Mandatory drug testing of Gardaí to be introduced under new anti-corruption policies

A Professional Boundaries and Abuse of Power for Sexual Gain Policy has also been introduced under the measures.

Mandatory drug testing of members of the Gardaí is expected to be introduced under new "anti-corruption" policies, An Garda Síochána has confirmed.


Gardaí on Tuesday published a number of new anti-corruption policies that aim to "promote the highest levels of honesty, integrity and professionalism within the organisation while enhancing public confidence in the policing service".

The drug testing will include members of An Garda Síochána and Garda staff and will start no sooner than six months' time.

The plan is one of several policies which have been developed by the Garda Anti-Corruption Unit (GACU) since it was established in November 2020 under the Government’s A Policing Service For Our Future plan.

These include the overarching Anti-Corruption Policy, the Professional Boundaries and Abuse of Power for Sexual Gain Policy, as well as the Substance Misuse (Controlled Drugs) Policy.

All of the details for the policies will be published internally and externally on Tuesday.

Abuse of Power for Sexual Gain is classified as any behaviour by Garda Personnel which takes advantage of that person’s position as Garda Personnel, to misuse their position, authority or powers, for sexual gain or an improper emotional relationship with any member of the public or with other Garda Personnel.

"Any attempt to or abuse of this power for sexual gain, or attempt to or establish a relationship beyond a professional capacity, may constitute an abuse of authority that will not be tolerated," the statement added.


Speaking today, Assistant Commissioner, Governance and Accountability, Pat Clavin said: "Maintaining full public confidence in the work of An Garda Síochána depends on all Garda personnel demonstrating the highest levels of personal and professional standards of behaviour.

"Each and every person working in An Garda Síochána is rightfully expected to treat the public they serve with dignity and respect.

"An Garda Síochána has an obligation to protect people from the risks and effects of corrupt behaviour, and to prevent and prosecute any form of corruption that impacts upon the delivery of a quality policing service to the community served."

Clavin added that there will be a "no tolerance" policy for members of An Garda Síochána who "abuse their position of trust for their own personal gain or those whose behaviour falls below our standards".

"The vast majority of Garda personnel conduct themselves honestly and professionally, and the work of the Anti-Corruption Unit will help support and protect them," he continued.


"These policies will allow us to continue preventing and minimising the risk of corruption, safeguard the integrity of our organisation, as well as fully support our own personnel to carry out their duties safely and effectively.”