Maser's Repeal mural is being removed from the Project Arts Centre again 5 years ago

Maser's Repeal mural is being removed from the Project Arts Centre again

The mural is being removed for the second time following its reinstallation earlier this month.

A controversial and recently re-installed Repeal mural is being removed from the wall of the Project Arts Centre for a second time, due to its political presence breaching rules.


The red and white image, painted by street artist Maser and commissioned by The Hunreal Issues, featured a large heart and the logo “Repeal the 8th.”

Standing at 14 feet high, the mural remained on the wall for just over two weeks before being painted over by Dublin City Council back in July 2016.

After about 50 complaints, Dublin City Council Planning Department informed the centre that it was in violation of planning rules.

Reinstalled for a second time just a week ago, the mural is now being compromised once more due to the Charities Regulator.


It was believed by the group who posted the mural a second time that they had followed protocol and were no longer in breach of any rules in reinstalling the piece.

JOE previously spoke to Andrea Horan, the founder of The Hunreal Issues, who said that they had waited two years to reinstall the piece to stay within the code of conduct.

"So basically, since it was taken down two years ago – we've been waiting for the date [for the Abortion Referendum] to be announced so that we could put it back up and still be within the rules," Horan said.

"During the referendum campaign, murals aren't allowed until a date is set, meaning that once the date has been set you can put it up. So we've been waiting for that date to come about with stencils at the ready for the past two years and have been ready to paint again since the date was announced.


"It shouldn't be coming down again."

However, the centre was informed recently that the piece was going against regulations put in place by The Charities Regulator.

In a post published by the Project Arts Centre, they've stated that the art piece had to come down due it being in breach of the Charities Act 2009.

"The Charities Regulator has informed Project Arts Centre that the display of Maser’s ‘Repeal the 8th’ artwork is ‘political activity’ and that we are therefore in breach of the Charities Act 2009 and not in line with our ‘charitable purpose’," the statement began.


"Should the artwork not be removed, we risk losing our charitable status. Project Arts Centre respects the authority of the Charities Regulator and will comply with their order to remove Maser’s artwork."

Fiona Slevin, Chair of Project Arts Centre, spoke about the centre's continued attempts to develop contemporary art and present inspirational pieces.

“The Board and executive of Project are conscious of their obligations under the Charities Act 2009 and the charitable purpose of the organisation.

"We strive to sustain Project’s stated purpose and objectives, namely to remain Ireland’s leading centre for the presentation and development of contemporary art, and to work with artists across all art forms to make and present extraordinary works that inspire and provoke.

"The artwork by Maser fits precisely with this remit. In presenting Maser’s work, we are facilitating the presentation of art by a highly regarded, award-winning street artist who has displayed artworks across Ireland, Europe and the United States.”


Maser’s artwork will be painted over by Project Art Centre's Artistic Director, Cian O’Brien on Monday 23 April.