Most mask mandates to be lifted today 6 months ago

Most mask mandates to be lifted today

Masks will still be required in healthcare settings.

As of Monday (28 February), masks will no longer be mandatory in most settings.


Masks will no longer be required in retail settings or on public transport.

Hospitality workers are also no longer required to wear masks at work.

Restrictions have not been fully lifted, however, as masks will still be required in healthcare settings.

While masks are no longer mandatory in some settings, the Government is still advising that people wear face coverings where possible.


Schools have also undergone a major easing of restrictions, where pods of students and staggered arrival times have all been removed.

Along with the removal of some restrictions, rules have changed for those that are confirmed as close contacts of people with Covid-19.

As of today, close contacts will no longer need to test or isolate if they are asymptomatic, regardless of their vaccination status.

Contacts will need to self-isolate should they display symptoms.


Should you develop symptoms, you are not required to go for a PCR test unless you;

  • Are 55 or older and have not received a booster.
  • Have a high-risk medical condition.
  • Are immunocompromised.
  • Live in the same household or provide care and support to someone who is immunocompromised.
  • Are pregnant.

If a case is confirmed in a home where a healthcare worker resides, the worker will be required to take regular antigen tests.

All restrictions on indoor hospitality and entertainment venues (cinemas, theatres, etc.) have been eased, and you no longer need to show vaccination status to enter.


Visitors for nursing homes will also no longer need to show proof of vaccination or recovery to enter.

Last Friday (25 February), the HPSC was notified of 4,335 PCR-confirmed cases of Covid, along with 3,621 reported positive antigen test results.

629 patients were in hospital with Covid, with 53 of those in ICU.

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