School bans haircut known as ‘Meet me at McDonald’s‘ for male students 2 years ago

School bans haircut known as ‘Meet me at McDonald’s‘ for male students

Yes, such a hairstyle apparently exists.

A school in the United Kingdom has taken the fairly extreme measure of banning ‘extreme hairstyles’ on male students.

A letter issued to parents of students attending Great Yarmouth Charter Academy in Norfolk lists six hairstyles deemed “unacceptable” and states that pupils whose hair had “not been restyled appropriately” by the end of February would be sent home or put into isolation.

According to the BBC, what exactly constitutes a ‘Meet Me At McDonald’s’ hairstyle was not elaborated upon in the letter, but a hairdresser in Norwich described it as a curly perm teased into a high bouffant on top with shaved back and sides, or “fades”.

The other hairstyles deemed unacceptable for students at the school were:

  • Overgrown, heavy fringes brushed forward onto the face
  • High-top styles of excessive height
  • Shaven parting lines
  • Hair that is teased to give excessive height
  • Any variation on the Mohican style

A sub-category titled ‘Jewellery, make-up and hairstyles’ in the uniform section of the school’s website lists the following rules regarding hairstyles:

“Hair should be kept neat and tidy and any hair accessories should be small, plain, and grey or black coloured only. Extreme hairstyles - shaved emblems or lines, unnatural colour dyes, or extreme differences in length - are not allowed.”

The school, formerly the worst performing school in Norfolk, was taken over by the Inspiration Trust in 2017, with strict rules imposed by headmaster Barry Smith in an effort to improve discipline and performance.

Smith offered to provide a PowerPoint document of the “extreme” hairstyles in the letter and said that only a minority of students had hairstyles that weren’t considered appropriate.

“Most pupils dress appropriately and most have hairstyles that are not extreme,” Smith wrote.

“We expect all pupils to meet this standard.”

We can’t help but think the Johnny Unitas look is about to come back into fashion as a result...

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