Men are being banned from wearing the 'Beijing bikini' in China 5 months ago

Men are being banned from wearing the 'Beijing bikini' in China

It's only a matter of time until it makes it here.

Each summer, as Chinese cities swelter under the baking heat, middle-aged men across the country roll their t-shirts up above their bellies to cool down.

The trend has earned a fond nickname - the 'Beijing bikini'.

Much like the grand stretch in the evenings in Ireland, it is a sure sign that summer has arrived in China when the men start rolling up their shirts, and resting them on the convenient ledge of their beer belly.

However, not all are happy to see the sight of the Beijing bikini sprouting across China; in fact some want it gone completely.

Authorities in Jinan, a city in eastern China, have released a notice banning the “uncivilised behaviour”, saying it was “seriously affecting the image of the city”.

It came as temperatures rose to a sweltering 36 degrees this week.

They've have also posted a long list of other banned behaviours, such as taking off your shoes to air out feet, spitting, uncivilised dog walking (what?) and queue-jumping.

Authorities said they planned to crack down on "improper dressing in public places," which included "shirtlessness" and "wanton exposure of body parts."