Meryl Streep responds to Trump's 'over-rated' diss: "Evil prospers when good men do nothing" 6 years ago

Meryl Streep responds to Trump's 'over-rated' diss: "Evil prospers when good men do nothing"

During this year's Golden Globes ceremony, when Meryl Streep took the stage to accept an award, she managed to completely eviscerate Donald Trump without ever saying his name.

Trump, in typical Trump fashion, retaliated the best way he knows how: via Twitter.



On Saturday night, Streep gave a speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2017 Greater New York Gala Dinner, and once again Trump was the focus of her attention, while once again not mentioning his name:

“‘Evil prospers when good men do nothing’… ain’t that the truth. We shouldn’t be surprised that fundamentalists, of all stripes, everywhere, are exercised and fuming. We shouldn’t be surprised that these profound changes come at a much steeper cost than it seems would lie true in the 20th century."


"We shouldn’t be surprised if not everyone is totally down with it. But if we live through this precarious moment… if his catastrophic instinct to retaliate doesn’t lead us to nuclear winter, we will have much to thank this president for because he will have woken us up to how fragile freedom really is…"

"The whip of the Executive can, through a Twitter feed, lash and intimidate, punish and humiliate, delegitimize the press and imagined enemies with spasmodic regularity and easily provoked predictability.”

Streep was at the gala to collect the organization’s Ally for Equality Award for her efforts in supporting the LGBTQ community, and also took a moment to reference Trump's burn:

"“Yes, I am the most overrated, over-decorated, and currently, over-berated actress… of my generation. But that is why you invited me here! Right?”


By our count, that's 2-0 to Streep. Your move, Mr President...