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Met Éireann have given the weather update all haters of winter have been dreading
Get that winter jacket out.

No, please no...

We haven't seen much of the extremely cold weather in Ireland just yet this autumn (plenty of storms though) but as we head into winter, it looks like there's some cold weather on the way.

For Wednesday and Thursday this week, it will remain relatively dry with temperatures of between 10 and 13 degrees. Some light patches of drizzle may occur in southern areas for a period.

But, Met Eireann have warned that temperatures look set to fall in the coming days saying that it will be "turning gradually colder the next few days with frost at night."

While temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday during the daytime will remain relatively mild, as we head towards Saturday and Sunday, the days will get much cooler.

It will be a cold and showery day on Saturday with good sunny spells but showers are likely to become heavy or of hail with the risk of some thundery downpours.

Saturday night will turn very cold with widespread frost according to forecasters and showers will continue to be heavy with some hail but will ease by morning.

Sunday will be a drier brighter day but it will still be cold with a moderate northeasterly breeze.


Might be time to start thinking of getting that winter jacket out of the wardrobe.

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