Met Éireann has issued its Paddy's Day weather forecast 4 years ago

Met Éireann has issued its Paddy's Day weather forecast

Take note if you're out and about.

Following the recent weather warnings that Met Éireann have issued around Ireland, it's natural that plenty of people will be curious about the expected conditions with the weekend approaching, particularly for St. Patrick's Day.


With parades taking place across the country and a large contingent of GAA supporters heading to Croke Park for the club finals, here's what's expected.

Heavy and persistent rain is set to arrive on Saturday morning and there's also a risk of hail.

In the north, northwest and western areas of the country, these rainy conditions are set to turn to sleet and snow over higher ground.

However, the adverse conditions should ease with scattered showers developing by the evening.


Strong and gusty southwest winds will move from the west to northwest too.

Saturday night is set be a cold one with scattered showers in the west and north. However, the rest of the country should be dry. This being said,  keep warm because the temperatures are expected to fall to between -1 to +3 degrees with frost and icy stretches.

As for St Patrick's Day, it's looking like bright and cold conditions will prevail with sunny spells and scattered showers, some of the showers could be wintry.