Met Éireann issues advice amid status orange weather warning for Storm Callum 3 years ago

Met Éireann issues advice amid status orange weather warning for Storm Callum

Ireland is about to be hit hard by Storm Callum.

Met Éireann has issued a status orange weather warning for six counties on Wednesday morning as Storm Callum draws near.


The warning concerns Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Clare and Kerry.

On Wednesday afternoon, Met Éireann issued advice for the public, including instructions to stay away from coastal areas, to avoid driving vehicles that are vulnerable to strong winds.

"An ORANGE level warning is issued by Met Éireann for wind speeds with the capacity to produce dangerous, stormy conditions which may constitute a risk to life and property."

In addition, the service advised:

  • Stay away from exposed coastal areas for the period of the ORANGE warning.
  • Drive to anticipate strong cross winds and other hazards such as falling/fallen trees. High sided vehicles and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to strong winds – slow down and give extra space to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Be aware of local conditions in your area; wind strengths can vary significantly from place to place (depending on direction and local topography).

Strong winds associated with the storm, coinciding with high spring tides, will affect the country on Thursday night - 11 October - and Friday morning.

Winds will be at their strongest overnight and early on Friday morning, gusting between 110 and 130 kilometres per hour on coastlines.


The status orange warning was issued by Met Éireann on Wednesday morning and is officially in effect from Thursday at 10pm until Friday afternoon at midday.

Met Éireann's "Forecaster Commentary" page can be checked for up-to-date advice on dealing with the storm.