Met Éireann says temperatures are set to soar to 30 degrees this week 4 months ago

Met Éireann says temperatures are set to soar to 30 degrees this week

However, conditions could begin to cool this weekend.

Met Éireann has said temperatures are set to soar to 30 degrees this week following record-breaking heat over the past few days.


There is currently a high-temperature weather advisory from the forecaster in place until midday on Friday.

Met Éireann's most recent forecast says today (Tuesday, 20 July) will be hot and mostly sunny, with conditions staying dry for most parts of the country.

That said, there is a chance of a few heavy or possibly thundery showers breaking out in the north midlands and west through the late afternoon and evening.

Temperatures will range from 25 to 29 degrees generally, but will be a few degrees less warm along coasts.

Wednesday will be "dry, hot and mostly sunny," according to Met Éireann, which says some high cloud will drift into the southwest throughout the afternoon turning the sunshine hazier there.

There is also a very slight risk of a shower in the north midlands and northwest, but most - if not all - areas will generally be staying dry.

Temperatures will generally be between 26 to 30 degrees but it will be a little less warm along the south and east coast.


Thursday will be another hot and dry day with long spells of sunshine in most areas.

It will be sunniest in the north and east but a little cloudier than previous days in the south and west as temperatures range from 26 to 30 degrees.

Friday will be a generally dry day over the northern half of the country with spells of warm sunshine.

Scattered showers, however, will develop over the southern half of the country through the day, with the potential for some thundery downpours.

It will remain very warm, but temperatures will be a few degrees lower than previous days with highs of 24 to 27 degrees.


In terms of the weekend, it will turn a little more cloudy and showery on Saturday and Sunday, but most of the rain will be confined to the east of the country, with lots of dry weather elsewhere.

There will be spells of warm sunshine too, with conditions best in western counties.

It will be less warm than previous days, though temperatures will remain above normal with daytime highs of 20 to 25 degrees.

Met Éireann's forecast for early next week reads: "It will likely stay mostly dry on Monday and Tuesday with showers at times in the east. Highs of 20 to 25 degrees, in light winds."


Meanwhile, Irish Water has advised the public to be conscious of their water use during the current hot period and to avoid excess use of water, such as watering lawns and taking long showers.