Met Éireann warns the current sunny weather is well and truly coming to an end 2 years ago

Met Éireann warns the current sunny weather is well and truly coming to an end

A sad reminder that all good things come to an end.

As Ireland still enjoys a spell of sunny weather - temperatures reached as high as 20 degrees in parts of the country this weekend - Met Éireann has warned that conditions will take a turn for the worst from tomorrow.


Speaking to JOE, meteorologist at Met Éireann Mark Bowe told JOE "there is a change coming on the way".

He explained that the nice weather we have been enjoying lately was caused by a high pressure above us that is slowly beginning to slip away.

While today will be mostly dry, there is some light rain and drizzle in areas of the North which will slowly move further south overnight.

Bowe said: "[On] Tuesday, we'll see more widespread showers across much of the country and there will be the chance that some of these could be heavy and possibly thundery in the afternoon as well."


This unsettled weather is set to persist going into Wednesday, where there will be scattered clouds and isolated showers.

The meteorologist also stated it will become significantly cooler, with temperatures only just pushing into the double figures in the latter half of the week.

On Thursday afternoon and evening, showers will become more widespread again, possibly this time heavier.

Bowe explained: "[Then] we're just in this regime of scattered showers and cloudy periods and cool northerlies into Friday."


According to the meteorologist, conditions won't improve by much over the bank holiday weekend - a shame given the return this week of some outdoor activities and sports facilities.

"So, it's generally unsettled for the rest of week... There's still going to be cloudy periods of isolated showers for much of Saturday," Bowe said.

"Temperatures will bump up a little bit - 10 to 13 degrees - but not a whole lot of difference from the previous couple of days.

"Coming into Sunday, it's potentially going to still be unsettled as well."