Mexican government bans strange baby names like 'Facebook' & 'Rambo' 8 years ago

Mexican government bans strange baby names like 'Facebook' & 'Rambo'

Bad news from Mexico for all parents who were planning on calling their children 'Boomshakalaka'

In the Mexican state of Sonora, it looks like it's bad news for those parents who were planning on coming up with more alternative names for their newborn children, as they have moved to ban some of the stranger monikers that they've come across.


Among the list of over 60 banned names are 'Rambo' and 'Facebook', as well as a host of others which have appeared on official documents at least once, according to what Cristina Ramírez, the Director of the Civil Registry in Sonora, stated.

As yet, the list is not complete either, and more names could be added as they continue to check the records for strange entries. Among the other names listed are 'Calzón' which translates as 'hot pants' or 'panties', 'Marciana' (Martian), 'Lady Di' and 'Circunsición', which we'll assume you don't need to know Spanish to guess.

According to what Ms. Ramírez told AP, the move is as a result of fears over bullying, and the law is very clear as "it prohibits giving children names that are derogatory or that don't have any meaning". No word yet on whether 'LookAtTheBigStupidHeadOnYa' has been banned, seeing as it does mean something...

Hat-tip to The Huffington Post