Michael Flatley’s stolen rhino horn already has its own Twitter account 8 years ago

Michael Flatley’s stolen rhino horn already has its own Twitter account

Although it has given very few clues as regards its whereabouts thus far…

As far as strange news items go, it will be harder to find a stranger one in 2014 than Michael Flatley having a rhino horn stolen from his stately home near Fermoy in Cork. Stolen from his African safari room no less.


According to The Irish Times, Flatley noticed that the burglary had took place at around 6.30pm yesterday evening after the rhino horn, which can be worth as much as $65,000 per kilogram on the black market, was taken from the stuffed head of a rhino which hung on the wall of the aforementioned African Safari room in Flatley’s home, which he is believed to spent up to €30 million restoring since purchasing it in 1999.

Because the rhino horn was the only item stolen from the house, Gardai believe that the theft was a targeted raid on Flatley’s home and have begun a forensic examination for DNA in an effort to find those responsible.

They have been aided in their efforts by the establishment of a Twitter account in the name of the stolen rhino, with just the one tweet posted so far (see below) and no clues as yet as to where it might have been taken to in the aftermath of the robbery.



An alternative yet unsubstantiated* account of events is that Flatley had met with a shady dealer earlier this week and produced a reaction similar to the one below when he realised that the dealer had taken more than he was entitled to…

*completely false