Michael O'Leary's wages last year were pretty sweet 8 years ago

Michael O'Leary's wages last year were pretty sweet

All we can say is we're glad he pays his tax here in Ireland.

In the Ryanair Annual report there are lots and lots of interesting figures but the one that jumps out is how much Chief Executive Michael O'Leary earned last year.


The report says the Ryanair supremo earned €1.75million last year, which is made up of a salary of €968,425 and a bonus of €783,000. That's an increase on a salary of €768,000 last year, and a bonus of just over half a million quid.

However, as a report in the Mirror on the payments says, O'Leary's salary is tiny compared to what his shares in the company are worth. O'Leary owns more than 51 million Ryanair shares (3.7 per cent of the total) and that is worth a sweet €355million, so the monthly pay slip is probably not too much of a worry to O'Leary, even if they tax deduction section must be a sight to behold.

Fair play to you Michael, we hope to have a payslip like yours one of these days.