Micheál Martin confirms he intends to return as Taoiseach 1 year ago

Micheál Martin confirms he intends to return as Taoiseach

He will stand down from the role in December.

Current Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said he intends to return to the role in a new interview.


Martin made the comment while speaking on Newstalk's The Anton Savage Show ahead of the second day of Fianna Fáil's Ard Fheis.

It has previously been set that he would stand down from the position in December so that his Coalition partner and Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar would take over as Taoiseach.

During the interview, Savage pointed out that a Fianna Fáil leader appearing at an Ard Fheis knowing they were going to hand the office to a Fine Gael leader would have once been "unthinkable".

"We are in a different era in respect of politics," Martin replied.


"It calls for greater humility, it calls for greater pragmatism in terms of focusing on the issues and what holds the Government together is the programme for Government.

"I take your point, historically and indeed in politics more generally, personalities always come into it.

"But there comes a time too when we must always assert the primacy of policy and substance above all of that."

Asked what he considers to be his main success while serving as Taoiseach, Martin highlighted Ireland's response to Covid-19 and the restoration of the economy following the pandemic.


"Quite clearly, Covid defines a significant part of my Taoiseach-ship," he told the show.

"And getting through Covid was a significant achievement for the country.

"Parallel with that then was the restoration of the economy.

"To bring Ireland back to full employment almost within a year of leaving the emergency phase of Covid was some achievement by the country."


The final question of the interview saw Savage ask Martin if he will be back as Taoiseach, to which he replied: "Yes, that's my intention."

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