Micheál Martin says level of spending during pandemic "not sustainable" 5 months ago

Micheál Martin says level of spending during pandemic "not sustainable"

He said it must "move to the next stage".

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said that the level of spending during the Covid-19 pandemic is "not sustainable, adding that it must "move to the next stage".


Speaking at the virtual opening of the National Economic Dialogue (NED) on Monday, Martin said that housing would be at the centre when it comes to planning for the recovery of Ireland's economy over the coming months and years.

He added that the details of a new 'Housing for All' strategy will be published shortly.

The Taoiseach added that there will need to be “trade-offs” in future budgets to help pay for priority issues such as housing.

“While we will be ambitious in our plans and in what we want to achieve, we must be mature enough as a society to recognise that there are trade-offs, that not everything can be achieved overnight, and for so many of the challenges that we face there are no easy, quick answers or solutions,” he said.

“This will mean making choices around how and what we deliver, choosing what we focus upon, ensuring we are taking a sustainable and responsible approach to our public finances so that we will, again, have the space to respond should challenges strike again, as they surely will.”

The NED which lasts for two days allows interest groups to raise their concerns as part of the planning for October's Budget.