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21st Apr 2022

Mike Tyson filmed repeatedly punching passenger on airplane

Callum Boyle

The incident unfolded on Wednesday night.

Mike Tyson has been filmed appearing to punch a man in the face on a plane after he apparently lost his cool with the passenger.

As reported by TMZ, the incident occurred on Wednesday night at around 10.30pm local time as Tyson boarded a flight from San Francisco to Florida.

One witness who was on the plane claimed that as both he and his friend had boarded the flight, Tyson was acting friendly towards all the passengers on board.

He also added that Tyson was happy to pose for photos and remained patient with his friend who was keen to sit and talk to the legendary fighter.

However, it seemed that after a while, Tyson grew tired of the passenger’s desire to speak to him, before initially telling him to calm down.

Failing to take the former world champion’s advice, the man continued, leading to Tyson losing his cool and appearing to punch him in the face.

Video footage shows Tyson landing a series of heavy hits on the passenger, leaving him with a bloodied face before the 55-year-old then walked off the plane moments later.

Further reports have suggested that the victim received medical attention and reported Tyson to the local authorities.

Both the airline, Jet Blue, and Tyson’s camp have yet to respond to the incident.