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27th Oct 2015

Mobile roaming charges in Europe to end in 2017

This is excellent news

Joe Harrington

This is excellent news.

That moment when you get your phone bill after being on holiday and you have to re-mortgage your house or sell everything you own to pay it off.

That moment will be a thing of the past after June 15, 2017 because the EU (yeah, that shower) have voted to end roaming charges from that date onward.

The means your calls, text messages and data will cost you the same in Europe as it does when you’re sitting at home in your house in Ireland.


There will be a reduction in charges from April 30, 2016 when roaming surcharges must not exceed 5c per minute for calls, 2 cent for text messages or 5 cent per megabyte of mobile data.

Roll on June 15, 2017 though. Great news.

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