The moment Notre Dame's world-famous spire fell 4 years ago

The moment Notre Dame's world-famous spire fell

Firefighters are tackling a blaze at the famous Paris cathedral.

Paris' iconic cathedral Notre Dame is on fire. The cause is not currently known, however officials have said it could be linked to renovation works.


The fire has been raging for a number of hours and caused the cathedral's world-famous spire to collapse.

The Gothic building, 850 years old, is in urgent need of repair and the Catholic Church launched an appeal for funds last year. A €6 million renovation on the spire was underway.

Officials have established a cordon around the cathedral. Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said the fire was "terrible."


The fire started on Monday afternoon and emergency responders have launched a major operation to combat it.

French newspaper Le Monde reports the fire started in the attic of the famous church, before spreading across its roof.

Notre Dame is one of the most-visited buildings in the world and annually 12 million people visit it.


The fire was first reported at 5.50pm British Summer Time.