New wealth report lists the five most expensive streets in Ireland 2 years ago

New wealth report lists the five most expensive streets in Ireland

As you might imagine, each of the top five most expensive streets in Ireland are located in Dublin.

The 2019 Wealth Report found that Coliemore Road in Dalkey is now Ireland's most expensive street, with four more locations in south Dublin making up the top five.


The top five in full reads:

  1. Coliemore Road
  2. Ailesbury Road
  3. Park Avenue
  4. Palmerstown Road
  5. Glenart Avenue

The report also found that Dublin 6 is the most expensive market in the country, with an average property value of just over €635,000.

On average, 11 properties worth €1 million or more are now sold every week in Ireland, the report also found.

As well as playing host to the most expensive street in the country, an estimated 936 people in Dalkey are believed to be residential property millionaires.

In 2019, the average property in the country had a value of over €260,000 - while in Dublin, where over 25% of households are located - the average home was worth almost €385,000.

This is in stark contrast to some households found in the north-west, where the average property price in Leitrim is €137,000 and €146,000 in Donegal.


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The Wealth Report is based primarily on the output of hedonic price regressions, which reveal average property values for particular classes of property.

This can be broken down by period, location and dwelling attribute (such as size or type). To calculate average prices by city or county, these averages by class are weighted by the class frequency to give a meaningful average price by location.

You can read the report in full here.