New report reveals Ireland's worst "litter blackspot" 2 years ago

New report reveals Ireland's worst "litter blackspot"

We only have one litter blackspot.

The latest survey by Irish Business Against Litter has revealed that 14 of 40 regions surveyed are cleaner than European norms. Kilkenny was shown to be the cleanest region in Ireland, followed by Athlone, Killarney, Portlaoise and Tralee.


31 of the regions surveyed were either as clean or cleaner than the European norm.

Three regions - Cork City Mahon, Cork Northside and Limerick City South Galvone - were deemed to be "Littered" and Dublin's north inner city was categorised as "Seriously Littered".

Only one region, Ballymun, was given the designation of "Litter Blackspot." It is one of the worst results since the annual survey was launched 17 years ago.

The examiner noted it was "especially disappointing that sites which had been top ranking in previous surveys were littered". The car park at Ballymun Shopping Centre was described as "a complete ‘eye-sore’ right in the centre of Ballymun" while other roads in the area were subject to dumping, as well as litter.

Dumping was also a problem in parts of Cork, Waterford and Limerick City.

"Today’s tourists demand high levels of cleanliness and these results indicate that’s what they will be getting this year when they come to Ireland," says IBAL’s Conor Horgan.

"It is also important that their first impression be a good one, so it’s pleasing to see the roads around Dublin Airport are again to Clean to European norms."


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