New system of penalty points and speeding fines to be considered by Cabinet 3 years ago

New system of penalty points and speeding fines to be considered by Cabinet

The law could be about to change for motorists in Ireland.

Plans for new speeding penalties will be brought before Cabinet on Tuesday morning with the Minister for Transport Shane Ross seeking to impose more severe sanctions on motorists who significantly exceed the speed limit.


Under the new proposals, motorists who drive at more than 30km/h over the speed limit will face court prosecution, a €2,000 fine, and seven penalty points.

Under the current law, a motorist found to have broken the limit is fined €80 and given three penalty points, irrespective of the speed they were doing.

Under the new proposals, an increasing scale of penalties would be introduced.

If a driver is found to be less than 10km/h over the limit, they face a €60 fine and two penalty points.


Anyone that's caught speeding between 10km/h and 20km/h over the limit would have to pay an €80 fine and incur three penalty points.

Motorists caught speeding between 20km/h and 30km/h over the limit will face a €100 fine and four penalty points.

The most severe sanction would be reserved for a person driving in excess of 30km/h over the limit; they would face a court prosecution with the prospect of a €2,000 fine and seven penalty points.

Repeat offenders would face jail.


After modifying some of the proposals in the face of opposition from some ministers, including Minister for Rural Affairs Michael Ring, Ross' plan is expected to be granted approval when it goes before Cabinet on Tuesday.