New York to change it's marijuana laws 7 years ago

New York to change it's marijuana laws

The NYPD have changed the way they handle marijuana possession.

Fed up spending too much time arresting people for small marijuana possession, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and New York Mayor De Blasio (pic below) has announced that the NYPD will no longer arrest people for possession of 25g or less of cannabis.


NY Mayor De Blasio And NYPD Commissioner Bratton Announces Changes To Marijuana Policy

They feel that the energy of the force would be better served by targeting more serious crime. Tens of thousands of people in New York get arrested each year for low level possession of marijuana and now, instead of being sent to jail, they will be issued with a summons and get fined $100.

It should be noted though that if you are caught burning or smoking marijuana you will be arrested. The law change only applies to those in possession but not using.

With Oregon, Colorado and Alaska legalising marijuana, it's another step closer to allowing the legalisation of the drug in other states.