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20th Oct 2021

Nigel Farage has been saying republican phrases again, but in reality, he’s the one laughing

Alan Loughnane

Nigel farage Tiocfaidh ár lá

Does anyone believe he’s bothered?

Just over a week ago, Nigel Farage made headlines all across Ireland and the UK by proclaiming ‘Up the Ra’ on a Cameo video message.

Fast forward to the present day and Farage is once again nailing his republican colours to the mast as he has recorded a clip wishing a happy birthday to ‘Gerard Adams’, who turned 71 recently.

All good so far, but Farage goes on to say Gerard’s friends are looking forward to seeing him at “Tiocfaidh ár lá in Brighton”.

There it is. Farage the old rapscallion has been caught out again. He’s after coming out and saying the slogan of Irish Republicanism. What a donkey!

First things first, Cameo is a platform where you can pay a sum of money to a variety of public figures and they will send you a personalised video message including the details you wish.

The price for such a video from the former UKIP leader? Well, you can pay £87 for the privilege, which works out at around €103.10 in today’s exchange rate.

It’s all a bit of fun, I guess, and as one person put to me recently, “it’s priceless to embarrass him”.

But the question is, does anyone really believe that Nigel Farage – Nigel Farage! – is in any way bothered about saying something embarrassing on a public platform?

The same Nigel Farage who wrote on Twitter earlier this year that a boat of 12 migrants crossing from Dover had all tested positive for Covid-19, only for the official UK Home Office Twitter account to reply underneath saying this untrue and none had tested positive. He then left the factually incorrect statement up on Twitter for an extended period, allowing it to be shared widely by his supporters.

The same Nigel Farage who in 2014 said he felt uncomfortable when he heard people speaking in other languages on London transport.

The same Nigel Farage who stated in 2018 that he believed the US President Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The same Nigel Farage who said in 2019 that climate change is a “scam” being used by the banking and political systems to push forward a transnational government.

If this man was embarrassed by his ignorance, he’d have removed himself from the public limelight years ago, but instead he worked in the EU as an MEP – earning £89,000 each year – and made a declared income worth €590,000 to €790,000 from broadcast contracts from July 2014 until 2018.

So while we can all laugh at Farage for his thoroughly uniformed opinions and ill-advised Cameo videos, you can bet he’s laughing too.

But he’s full of mirth while walking to the bank with his big bag of cash.