Plan for longer club and pub opening hours to go before Cabinet today 11 months ago

Plan for longer club and pub opening hours to go before Cabinet today

It is reported that the Justice Minister is seeking a reform of Ireland's licensing laws.

A proposal to increase the opening hours of clubs and pubs in Ireland is set to go before Cabinet on Tuesday (25 October), according to reports.


Multiple outlets state that the plan is being brought forward by Justice Minister Helen McEntee as part of an effort to reform Ireland's licensing laws, which have been described as "antiquated".

Under the proposal, nightclubs would be permitted to stay open until 6 am though they would not be allowed to sell alcohol after 5 am.

Also, the opening hours of pubs would be standardised, giving pubs the opportunity to remain open from 10.30 am to 12.30 am throughout the week.

That said, the closing time for late bars would remain unchanged at 2.30 am, with these venues requiring a new late bar permit under the plans.


It is expected that these changes to licensing laws will be enacted by next year.

Last year, Culture Minister Catherine Martin said she would be in favour of Irish clubs being allowed to stay open until 6am.

Asked about the possibility, she replied: “Yes, why not, I think that opportunity should be there.

“I think shutting down, Dublin, we’re working way behind our other European cities.


“It can be done, it can be done in a safe way and I think that option definitely should be there.”