There will be no second referendum on abortion, says Leo Varadkar 3 years ago

There will be no second referendum on abortion, says Leo Varadkar

The Taoiseach ruled out the possibility on Tuesday morning.

There will not be a second referendum on the Eighth Amendment, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has revealed.


Varadkar made the comment on Tuesday while out canvassing for a Yes vote with Minister for Health Simon Harris and Fine Gael politician Josepha Madigan TD at Tara Street Station.

The ministers met with early-morning commuters to encourage the importance of a Repeal vote in the upcoming abortion referendum.

They claimed that the act of abortion is already happening in Ireland and that the repealing of Article 40.3.3 would allow for healthcare to be extended to those in need of maternal healthcare as opposed to putting lives at risk.

Explaining that the Government will accept the decision of the Irish people, the Taoiseach said, according to the Irish Times: “I am a democrat and I have to accept the outcome of a referendum and elections.

“[There will not be a second referendum] in the foreseeable future, certainly not under this Government.”


When asked about whether politicians could be trusted on the controversial issue, Mr Varadkar responded by saying that the fate of Ireland's women seeking abortion is currently in the hands of politicians in Westminster, who are being trusted to determine their circumstances.

Varadkar recently slated the No side for the use of children with Down Syndrome in canvassing memorabilia, deeming it "wrong".

Pro-life lobbyist groups first introduced pamphlets depicting images of children with Down Syndrome some three months ago, when LoveBoth campaigners announced that a child with Down Syndrome would become the "face of the anti-abortion campaign".

The referendum on the Eighth Amendment has been set for Friday, 25 May. Polls will open throughout the country from 7am - 10pm.